Using videos from Vimeo

My company is implementing an LMS to train our technicians (a majority of our employees) on how to repair new devices (a new one every 4 months) using gigabytes on gigabytes of videos. We film all the repairs inhouse and upload to Vimeo Pro. My job is to take it from Vimeo and put it in the LMS. Currently I am trying to use Storyline 2 but I can't get the video to work after I upload to the LMS (Absorb)

I upload the file via a zipped file and then unzip and use the index_lms_html5.html. Everything else works but the video, even though it worked in preview mode. 

I have tried using a web object, which is great because then the video actually runs. The problem is I can't put any triggers on the web object. I want the Techs to watch the video before advancing to the next slide (Which happens to be a quiz that will kick them back to the video if they do not get it right).

So what I need is either:

A) Show me how to get the blasted video to work via the normal "video from website" option. or

B) Show me how to get a web object to allow triggers so that they have to at least click on the video before they can go to the next slide (preferably watch the entire video).

Facts: Video is on, I'm using Articulate Storyline 2, and I am putting it into Absorb LMS.

Thank you!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Matt!

You may want to test the file out on the SCORM Cloud to see if it is working as expected there.

If it does work there, you may want to look at this article about troubleshooting within your LMS.

You may also want to post in a few of these threads about Absorb, in case other users with this LMS may be able to assist.

Emily Ruby

Hello Matt,

I was able to insert the video and it worked on both SCORM Cloud and web publish.

You can test the SCORM link here, and the web link here. It did take a few seconds to load on the LMS one, but it played fine after that.

Please make sure that you are using a browser that meets the system requirements, and that your LMS does support using an iframe.