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Hi all,

I am struggling first time working with Web Objects. I have added a URL link to a slide and asked it to play automatically when that slide it reached. It is a free government course on WHMIS GHS. I am planning on the learners navigating back to the main course after completing the WHMIS one and completing a test. Below are my findings.

  1. Using IE and Web Object set to play outside of slide the course works. The problem with this is that we tend to push users to use Chrome so I was forced to try other options and in doing so are more findings.
  2. Using IE and Web Object set to play inside slide I get a message saying "Only secure content displayed- show all content".  When I click on this the course closes completely. (Once again, we are trying to use Chrome but thought I would share these findings)
  3. Using Chrome and Web Object set to play inside slide the course plays ok but nothing happens when reaching the Web Object slide (WHMIS course).
  4. Using Chrome and Web Object set to play inside of slide the Web Object slide automatically opens a new window and the WHMIS course plays. When I try to get out of the WHMIS course and back to the main course it closes out of everything.

The end result I am looking for is able to play this linked course (WHMIS) inside of my Storyline course and test the learners when they return to the main course afterwards. Is there an easy explanation why I am having the difficulty in Chrome? (Popups are allowed)

I have attached the two versions of the draft course.




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Mike Holland

Hi Leslie (and Phil), I added the "s" to https and the course plays within the slide and allows me to continue with my Storyline afterwards in Chrome...big win...thanks!!

It also plays fine when set to play "in new browser window" but still kicks me completely out of the course when attempting to close the new window after viewing the web object. This one would be a great problem to cure if anyone can chime in.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

Glad to hear that worked for you! Thanks for the update.

I apologize, I didn't take a look at the other link you shared based on what you stated you were hoping to accomplish. I uploaded that course to SCORM Cloud, and the course isn't closing out as you mentioned when I close the web object.

Mike Holland

Hi Leslie, I followed your link in Chrome and it appears to be doing the same thing as I plays fine but when I close the outside window it doesn't take me back to my Storyline it gives me the attached message and seems to loose the connection with Storyline.

I just finished a test where I told the web object slide to advance automatically when timeline ends and it seems to work like that. (I have rest of slides set to advance by user when clicking next). We are loading it onto our LMS to see how it work in there..will update.


Mike Holland leave the web object I have to close its window and then I receive the 'redirected" notice. There is no option other than close out of that screen which kicks me right out..mystery why it works for you..

On the other hand I have hope that the newest one I uploaded to our LMS (with the auto advance on that slide) will work as it does in SCORM Cloud..

Thanks Leslie..

Mike Holland

Sorry was not the proper program that I viewing your recording it acts like mine does but where it goes wrong is when I was Xing out of the screen in the forefront which kills the behind screen (the course). It works fine if you just minimize it..Yikes...the learners will x out and become very frustrated..

I will experiment some more...Thanks for your attention to this..