Using When the state of to enable next button

I'm using a trigger to change the state of the next button to enable when the state of 3 objects are visited. This has worked well in the past. I now have one slide where the next button is enabled as soon as 2 of the 3 objects have been visited even though I have selected all 3 objects. Has anyone seen this and know what the issue is? I have tried recreating the trigger to no success.

I am not able to load the Storyline file because it has proprietary information.

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Walt Hamilton

Change the ANDs in this trigger to ORs.


As it is, they all have to be Not Visited, or the whole condition is false, and the Next button is not disabled. By using OR, you disable it if even one of them is not visited.

Personally, I think if this trigger works:


it is only because you got lucky. I would change it to "when timeline starts, on condition" that all of them are visited.