using Zoom function... Storyline 2

When I want to record the entire screen, how would I go about using the Zoom function sop that i can magnify the text.  My  plan is to record going to an intranet site, then clicking a drop down menu, then going to an employee policy, then bookmarking the page and creating a shortcut to be placed on the users desktop. However, when I have done this in the past, the text is too small to read. 

Is there a way to Zoom into an already produced video?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terry,

The zoom function is for zooming in on pictures or images, and there isn't a way to force a zoom within the video, although you could zoom in on the slide itself - although I suspect that may cause some blurriness issues with your video. You may want to look at other video editing software that would allow you to include a zoom in element. 

Terry Coe

I was able to use zoom successfully, however i found that if the zoom functions are close together, but not sequential, it becoame really choppy. I am still toying with it though.

Side note: when doing step-by-step, is there a way to copy a selected zoom zone and paste it onto the next slide? this would make things much easier...