Utilizing Data-Entry Fields

Mar 14, 2019

I am wondering if you can use the Data-Entry Fields to populate a document that can be viewed and/or downloaded at some point by the user. Example: User inputs Name, address, phone, and email. At some point, the user is then able to view and/or download a document with the user's inputs. The document would be a canned document and the user's inputs would populate specific blanks within the document. The only thing that comes close to mind to help explain is like in Word when using Mail Merge and using a database to fill in parts of a letter going to multiple individuals.



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Michael Ambech
Ren Gomez

Hi Jessica,

You can also try to reach out to Steven by clicking on his profile and using the Contact Me button!

If you want to take text entries in multiple slides and input them in specific locations in between text within another slide, you could try to use variable references. Check out this user guide for more information on that topic:

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