Validating DataEntry fields

I have  a course that has some 300 data entry points. We are not collecting the data from these fields. However, we must validate that the fields are not left blank in most of these instances as the fields are required. How can I validate dataEntry fields are not blank in Storyline? I do not want to check against the required text. Also, some of them are email addresses and I must validate that they entered a valid email address.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

For the "not blank" version, you could set a trigger to check each entry field are "not equal to (blank)" (you'll leave the area where you'd set the value of the text entry within the trigger blank) and that would confirm there was text in there. Based on that, you could show the user a layer reminding them to fill it out, prevent navigation forward, etc. 

Ensuring that they've entered a valid email address is going to be trickier - do you need it to be validated in the sense that it's just a - or that it's a real email such as I'm presuming the latter, and that there may be more than one correct option there? The community may have some suggestions on how to connect that variable to read from a database, but the only built in way within Storyline would be to add each possible email as a "Or condition" within the trigger set up - so that the entry would be "correct" if the text entry was equal to OR, OR so on.