Validating Text Entry Boxes

Jul 24, 2012

I don't think you can do this with Storyline, but is there anyway to do basic text box entry validation? I know how to make it look for a word regardless of case, but what about using wildcards or checking to see if they entered a minimum number of characters?

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Murdock DM

Hi Phil,

I am looking for the same feature. I am doing a test project, comparing Adobe Captivae, Articulate Storyline and a few others, before my company chooses a e-learning tool.

In adobe I could add a text entry box over a screenshot entry field. Then I could simply check a "validate" checkbox for the text entry object. After that I click on a Plus sign and type in the value I would like the user to type in exactly (even has a checkbox for case sensitivity). Pity Storyline does not have such a method.

You mentioned javascript? Do you have an example? How do I add such a script to the trigger? I have not touched javascript for a long time.... was hoping to avoid such coding by buying a software solution...

vimal singh

Hi Phil, I am also looking for a functionality that is related to the text entry box.

I am working on screenshot text entry field and there is a functionality like, when user enters a word , It need to go to the next slide automatically on the entering of the last character of that word. and It should also validate the word entered. If any extra characters are there then it should show a wrong feedback....

If you have solution , Please let me know.


Ajay Mathur

Hi Everyone,

We have used JavaScript for validation of a Text Entry field. The text field should only take alphabets without any symbols, special characters, numbers, spaces etc.

The problem here is the text field validation works fine in the published Flash version, however it does not work at all in HTML5 published version. Does that mean HTML5 does not support JavaScript? If yes, do we have any workaround to make this functionality work in HTML5 published version?

Would appreciate any support here. Thanks a ton!

James Eifler

Hi, just checking to see if validating a letter in a text entry is a feature yet in SL360...I can't seem to find it in v3.20.16814.0. If it's not; then are folks still using Javascript to accomplish this? How would this work? The user enters the text, SL passes it to javascript in a var, javascript checks its validity, then informs storyline yes, correct, take this action/ no, incorrect, try again?

Perhaps I should mention that I'd be using HTML5 output only.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

If you're using a standard text entry question type (like a fill in the blank) that'll validate as correct/incorrect based on what you set up in the question.

If you need to do more than that, i.e. restricting the learner to only entering in X number of characters, or only using certain letters that'd be a great use of Javascript. I'll let you in the capable hands of our ELH community - as I wouldn't know where to begin!