% % Values on Results Slide

I'm working on a drag and drop quiz in Storyline.  On the results slide, I just want to say

You got ___ right out of ___!

I can see that %Results.ScorePoints% gives me the number of points correct, but is there a value for the total possible? 

Is there a quick reference to all of the values that work in this instance?

Dale Hargis

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Dale Hargis

I'm just checking in to see if anyone knows how to help me on this.

All I'm really looking for is a list of variables I can add on a results slide similar to "%Results.ScorePoints%".  I want to be able to do a little customization but I need to know the values Storyline will accept...

Dale Hargis

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Dale, there is no built in variable to do this put it is fairly easy to create your own.

Create a numeric variable called TotalPoints  set the initial value to 0.

(You create variables by clicking the X icon that appears just below the Trigger window.)

On each of you quiz pages add a trigger that increases the value of the TotalPoints variable by the number of points awarded for that question.

I set this to happen when the user clicks the Submit button - if you are not using a submit for your drag and drop interaction, you could always set this to happen at the beginning of the timeline.

Once you have set this up on all your quiz slides, go to your Results slide and add a text field with the %TotalPoints% where you want the the total number to appear.

Nancy Woinoski

Oh and an easier way to do this would be to manually add up the total number of points in the quiz and add the number as a text field to your quiz results page.

So instead of

Hey you got %Results.ScorePoints%   out of %TotalPoints%

You could just do

Hey you got %Results.ScorePoints%  out of 50.