variable and email client question

Hi All

(Storyline 2)

I have a course already setup in which a user is presented with a question, has a free form box to type any response they need and stores the response to a variable. 

Then when they click the submit my response, a system level call is made to open the default email client and paste response into the body of the message. I also set the subject line and populate an email address to where to send the response.

The client is now erm, "complaining" the response is coming below the automatic signature and wants to have it go above it? I felt like that is not possible and tried to explain it to no avail.

So here I am, is it possible to control the position of the response???




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Gary Galmin

Hi Phil

Here is the javascript currently used. formatting seems off with the copy and paste


var player = GetPlayer(); var email=player.GetVar("emailAddress"); var subject=player.GetVar("emailSubject"); /* var answer1=player.GetVar("textAnswer1"); var answer2=player.GetVar("textAnswer2"); */ var answer3=player.GetVar("textAnswer3"); /* var body="Text answer #1: " + answer1 + "%0D%0A" + "Text answer #2: " + answer2 + "%0D%0A" + "Text answer #3: " + answer3; */ var body=answer3; var mailToLink='mailto:?subject='+subject+'&bcc='+email+'&body='+body;,'emailWin');