Variable and Trigger Failure


I have set up a variable that will adjust and add 1 each time the timeline starts on a new layer.  Once the variable is greater than or equal to 4 I need a state change trigger for the continue button.  

  • Base Layer- Continue button (change state of button to hidden when the timeline starts).  Change state of continue button to normal if the variable to greater than or equal to 4.
    • Layer 1- Adjust variable add one when the timeline starts
    • Layer 2-  Adjust variable add one when the timeline starts
    • Layer 3-  Adjust variable add one when the timeline starts
    • Layer 4- Adjust variable add one when the timeline starts IF 6 markers are visited.

All of the buttons and markers have the necessary states available.  I have deleted all the variables and triggers and reset everything up three times and I cannot get the continue button to change to normal.  So the user will get stuck on this slide.

Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated!



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Mark Lester

Hi Ellen, have you considered using a visited state of each of the base layer buttons to fire the variable instead of timeline based?

Also if you have a common viewing area across all layers you could try a temp text box with %YourVariableName% in it to watch the the progress of the variable during the interaction. 

Hope this helps.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ellen,

I'd created a demo a while back with a similar question about the default next button, so I just switched it out a bit with a custom Continue button instead. Perhaps it will help to get a look at this. This is in SL1, since I'm not sure which version you're using.

  • The Continue button, on the Base layer, is hidden initially, as you see Wendy has suggested.
  • A trigger changes the state of the button to normal when the LayerCount (number) variable is = or > 3.
  • The layers start automatically as timeline ends (giving time for Learners to read the captions - I wasn't sure how you started your layers)
  • A value of 1 is added to the LayerCount (number) variable as each layer starts

I've included variable references on each layer and shapes indicating which layer you're on to make it easier to see the "mechanics."

Please shout out with any questions.

Ellen W.

Wendy your solution worked!  Thank you so much!  There wasn't an a default option for hidden in the states, but I added one and deleted the trigger and that fixed the issue!

Thank you everyone for the replies!  I really appreciate the help!  Rebecca I took a look at your example, I got some ideas on how to perform certain functions more efficiently in the future!