Variable Based on Quiz Question

Attached is a super-simple mock-up of what I'm trying to accomplish, but I want to ask a question, and then have the states of the following screen change based on the answer the learner selected.

In this mock-up, I have a T/F question and a variable that defaults to False. The following slide has two objects in state Normal with another state called Correct.

The idea is that if the learner gets the question right, there is a trigger on the Correct layer of the question slide that sets the variable to True, and then the objects on the next slide should change to the Correct state depending on that variable being True. The objects do not change, no matter if I get the question wrong or right. My end goal is something rather complex, but I can't even get this super simple version to work. Can anyone look at this and tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm trying to do something impossible? Thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jake

super easy and a common mistake - trigger order is King...

On the correct layer - you have the layer hiding, then you are jumping to a slide all before you are asking SL to change the variable.

Also on the correct layer - change the trigger to be 'when timeline starts' not when variable changes'

Here is a KB article about trigger order in SL