Variable - change state of image to visited when click hotspot

Hi Heroes!  I have a conundrum.  I have several pictures on a slide representing steps in a process with normal and visited states.  They are odd shaped and transparent parts of the images overlap.  For that reason I added custom shaped hotspots over the images to go to various layers.

I want the shapes on the main layer to change to visited when the timeline on the corresponding layer begins.  So I've done the following:

1.  On the linked layer - adjust variable to true when timeline starts

2.  On the main layer - change state of image to visited when the above variable changes

But that's not working.  I've tried several variations and I can't get that darn image to turn gray (visited) unless I remove the hotspot and use the image as the link, but then my images overlap and you have to click in the just the right places to jump to the layers.

Please help!  The project slide is attached. 


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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that works for you. Since you are using the visited state of the five image objects as your indicators for completion anyway, there is no need to use the variables as well. Also, instead of looping back to the same slide when a layer is closed, I used Hide triggers instead that hide the active layer and return to the baselayer. And the Next button again, I revised the triggers to check for the visited states instead of the variable values. Hope that makes sense.