Variable - Change state of pic after buttons pressed

Hi everyone:

Sorry if this has been posted; I searched but didn't find anything similar.

I'm having trouble with changing the state of a picture after variables have changed.  I have 5 buttons that, when clicked, change to "True".  Then I try to set a condition to a picture to say "change state to 'normal' when timeline starts AND... all button variables change to true".  It seems like it should work but it's not.

Any ideas?  Here is the file.  Note the issue in question is on the last page.  The idea is that they must click each button and then once all have been clicked, the picture (a key) will appear, where they can click on that to vew a layer.

Your help is much appreciated.  I've been spinning my wheels far too long on this one!!


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Gerry Wasiluk


Try this.  Remove the slide trigger that changes the key to normal at slide start and instead put it on all five buttons.

Then change the action to happen when the user clicks that button.  Keep your conditions.

Essentially, for each of your buttons, once you have changed the variable associated with it, then make the key appear if all the other five variables are true.


Judy McDonough

OH!  So you put that same variable with conditions on each button?  I was only doing it at the slide level saying to change the state of the picture to "normal" when all variables were changed.

You rock!  Seriously; I've spent way too long on this little thing.  Thanks so much for your help!