Variable doesn't carry through several slides


I hope this questions hasn't been asked before. For some reason the search function is refusing to work for me at all so I can't find any related topics in the forum.

I have created a quizz where you can follow your progress through all the questions with some buttons on the top that change color according to whether you answered each question correctly.

In that way in the first question all buttons are blank.

When you go to the second question a variable changes according to your answer to question one. If you answered correctly the first button will show in green and if you answered incorrectly it will be red. Youcan see below the slide for question 2. The variable changed and because question 1 was wrong the first button is now red.

When you then go to the next question the idea is that both the first and second button will have a color according to yout answers to the first and second question.

The problem is that then the second button changes but the first one doesn't anymore.

Any ideas why the variable doesn't carry thorugh?

My variables are set to have a value so when you submit the answer it changes the value to 5 for incorrect answers and 10 for correct answers. Below you can see the triggers I have in the slide that is not working.

FYI: donut 8 is the name of the first button and donut 1 is the name of the second button.

I will really appreaciaty any ideas you may have on why this is not working.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alba, and welcome to Heroes!

It looks like Alex has you covered here - but I did want to chime in regards to the forum search. It's something our web team is aware of, and that they're working on more powerful search capabitilities that would be consistent for all users for an upcoming Heroes forums update. In the meantime, you may want to use the method described here by Adrian.

Alba Pérez

Hello Alexandros!

I can't believe I didn't notice that :P I guess sometimes you really need a fresh pair of eyes to see what is in front of you. Thank you very much for your help with this

And thank you Ashley for the information regarding the search functionality. I thought it was strange it didn't work because when I have used the forum in the past I never had problems. Looking forward to the new and more powerful search capabilities

Have a nice day