Variable Error When Attempting to Show Layers

Hi everyone--

I'm running into an issue with a pre-test scenario I'm trying to build in Storyline 2 and I hope someone can help me with it.

I've built a course that has 7 sections and a course-end assessment. I'd like learners to be able to attempt the assessment once if they'd like to try to "test out" of the course; if they don't pass, they are then required to finish each of the 7 sections before the option to take the assessment is available again.

To that end, I've created two variables: ShowPretest (True/False) and ShowTest (Numeric).

1. Show PreTest is, by default, set to true and it enables a link on the Title slide to access the final assessment scene.
Once the learner launches the assessment (by clicking a Start button), ShowPreTest is set to False.  I've configured the player to always resume, so there's no way to "reset" this variable once triggered.

2. ShowTest is set to 0 by default and each time a learner answers a section-end knowledge check question, it is incremented by 1.
So if a learner goes through an entire course, ShowTest should equal 7 (or more if they repeated sections/activities).

On the first slide in my Assessment scene, I have two layers: Start and Don't Start.

Start contains the "start assessment" button (see #1 above). Don't Start has a "return to previous slide button."

What I want to do is to display the Start layer if ShowPreTest=True OR ShowTest>=7 and display the Don't Start layer if ShowPreTest=False OR ShowTest<7.

The ShowPreTest variable seems to be working correctly -- I get the link to go to the assessment from the title screen.  However, when I get there, I see the Don't Start layer (even after I delete and republish the course, so theoretically ShowPreTest=True and ShowTest=0).

I think the problem is the triggers, specifically the conditional statements, I'm using to determine which layer is displayed on the assessment scene's first slide. They are:

PreTest Layer Conditional statements

From this description, any ideas as to where to look next? I'm at a dead-end.










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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeremy,

If Walt's suggestion doesn't work for you or you're still struggling with the set up of the course, can you share a copy of your .story file here with us? You can attach it using the "Add Attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window and then folks in the community and staff can take a look.

Jeremy Negrey

Thanks Ashley -- here's the file.  I add a shape with text so I can view my variable values and they appear to be correct; the issue seems to be with the triggers, specifically the conditional OR statements, on the first slide in the Assessment scene.

Any help anyone can give would be great! Thanks!


Jeremy Negrey

Thanks Luke!

I just found a workaround that seems to work, but will require additional testing.  I dropped the OR conditions from my triggers on the first slide in the Assessment scene and replaced them with a series of triggers with AND statements:

Triggers to allow pre-test access.

I've added a simple Storyline file that outlines the solution without all my content.

Luke Benfield

I just tested and everything seems to be working as you described. Here is what I did:

First, deleted all the ShowTest triggers and variable. Next, I created True/False variables (Labeled KC1, KC2, etc.) and set them to False. Then, added triggers to the Correct layers of the knowledge checks to adjust that KC variable to True when the timeline starts.

So now we have variables at the end of each KC that will change from false to true when the Correct layer's timeline starts.

For the Final Assessment slide (6.1):

First, I created a T/F variable called ShowAssessment2, and set it to False. Next, I created a trigger on 6.1 to Adjust ShowAssessment2 to True when the timeline starts, with the conditions of KC1, and KC2, and KC3, etc. are all equal to True. I moved that trigger to the top of the Slide Triggers list, to be sure that trigger fires first.

I took out the "Or" condition on the trigger to show the Start Layer (so now it's just if ShowPreTest in True).

I changed the Don't Start layer trigger to show the layer if ShowPreTest is Equal to False, no conditions.

Lastly, on the Failure-Take Course layer of 6.12, I change the trigger of adjusting the ShowPReTest variable to a layer trigger instead of an object trigger.

Everything worked as it should based on your description. However, you'll need to make sure your individual knowledge checks can be answered an unlimited amount of times. Right now they can only be answered once, so you'll never see the Correct layers, and the variables won't work.

Hope that helps. Feel free to PM if you need further assistance.


Luke Benfield

Also, one thing I noticed was that your ShowAssessment triggers to add 1 to the variable on the Complete slides had a few things going on that may have caused the error:

1) The triggers were associated with clicking the button, and not the timeline. With operations like this, I like to tie the adjust variable trigger to the start of the timeline of the slide or layer to make it completely full-proof.

2) The triggers were below hiding the layer, and jumping to the next slide triggers on the list. My understanding is that triggers fire in order from top to bottom, so it's possible you were jumping to the next slide before the variable was actually changed.

I think the glitch is actually in the conditions on the triggers for slide 6.1, so taking those out would be my suggestion.