Variable for completing modules and test out variable

I am working on a chem safety training and have multiple modules that learners need to go through before the test- at the same time I want to give learners an option to test out, but they need to score 90% or better on the test to do so. Can anyone offer help with this? To complicate matters- I have three different audiences for this and the paths can go three different ways. Thanks for any and all assistance you can offer in this.

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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Tatiana,

Are we talking about a Scenario where each audience gets it's on set of questions? It is easy to set paths for the audience however, if tracking/reporting is based on the result slide, then things get complicated.  The problem is we can only use one result slide for tracking/reporting to LMS. 

I had a similar branching issue a few months ago. I did discuss this with Jeanette Brooks (Storyline Expert). It is here . On the page, please scroll down to see my post and her feedback, I have attached the screenshot below for you. 

However please feel free to let us know if your requirements are a bit different.