Variable Glitch in Storyline 360?

Apr 25, 2017


Help needed to sort out the variables!

(See attached image)

1. I have created a variable named "TotalSortScore" with a default value of number zero.

2. In the Base Layer, I have set "TotalSortScore" to value zero when timeline starts.

3. Under the "Correct" layer, I have adjusted the "TotalSortScore" value by adding "1" when the timeline of this "Correct" layer starts.

4. Under the "Correct" layer, I have triggered the change of the state of an object to its respective score state. (e.g. if TotalSortScore = 1, show state 1)


However, after previewing, the variable value registers as "2" instead of "1".

Is this a glitch in Storyline 360?


UPDATE: 26th April 2017

I managed to correct the variable error.

Instead of placing the "adjust variable value +1" under the "Correct" layer, I placed the "adjusting variable value +1" on the button which triggers to show the "Correct" layer.

But still, can't figure out why the "adjusting variable value" cannot be activated under the "Correct" layer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alvin,

Either of those should work - it'll just depend on what you're going to do with that next. 

For example, if you adjust the variable when the timeline starts - that'll happen every time the user visits that slide layer. 

If you adjust the variable when the user presses a button, you could also change that button's state to disabled and then they couldn't adjust the variable again. 

Jamie Curry

I was running into a similar issue. I had a project that was upgraded from SL2 to SL360 and the interactions would work intermittently or not at all. 

I figured out that when I had my triggers added to layers they would always add +2 to the count instead of +1. When I moved the triggers to the base layer they worked properly and only added +1 to the count. 

I think there is a bug in SL360 or an error when upgrading a project from SL2 to SL360.

Nicole Duclos

I am having this issue in SL3. In layers my variable is increasing by 2 instead of 1. The trigger is to add 1 when the timeline starts on the layer - BUT it adds 2! When I try it on the base layer it works correctly - only adding 1. 

My work around is to change the trigger in the layers to: add 1 when timeline reaches 1 second. This works! WHY??

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