Variable help please

I have a slide where the next button is locked until given conditions are met. My question is - can you use the AND and OR conditions together.  Here is my scenario:

  1. There are 6 options on a slide that go to 6 different scenes.  I have a variables (6) with a trigger that when all 6 scenes are true (visited) then they progress using the next button and this all works fine. (Jump to next slide when variable 1 is true AND variable 2 is true etc.)
  2. There is also another option on the same slide that directs the user to a summary of the 6 scenes (to save them having to go through all the other scenes individually - this is what the client wanted!)

My question is - can I use the OR variable with the other variable too?  i.e. Jump to next slide when the 6 variables are true OR when the summary variable is true. I have tried this and it's not working when you just click the summary option.

Hope this makes sense.

TIA, Sarah

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Michael Hinze

From your description it sounds like you'll have to create two triggers, one for the six variable conditions that are connected with AND, and a second trigger for the summary variable. You cannot combine several AND conditions with an OR in one trigger. You can always share your .story file here and someone will have a look.