Variable Issue

Hi there,

I have a few text entry questions that I'm struggling with.

I am using the following variable:

This will ensure the text box goes back to blank when the learner returns to that screen. For some reason though, it is allowing the user to click the submit button and receive the "Thank You" or "Incorrect" feedback instead of the "Missed Question" feedback, even though I have "User Must Answer" checked in the editing tool.

What am I missing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. The learner MUST answer these questions.



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Cheryl Hay

Phil, does the trigger automatically enter as a Slide Trigger? I tried to get it to go in as a Player Trigger but had no luck. Also, even as a Slide Trigger, I do get the proper 'Missed Question' feedback, but when returning to the screen, the learner's typed text does not clear. Any suggestions?