Variable issue

May 08, 2014

Hey everyone!

I am having a variable issue and I can't figure out what I am missing or if this is possibly a glitch. 

I have a scene (which is only one slide) that has 5 boxes on it. Each one of those boxes triggers a layer. Each layer has a close button. When the user closes each layer they are taken back to the 5 boxes. Each box also has a state change applied to it so it is gray after being visited. I have set up a variable, "Visited", when each box is clicked on it adds a value of 1 to the variable. I also added a condition to not add a value if the shape had already been visited.

I also have an additional layer that should display a menu button. I have set that layer to be triggered when the "visited" variable is equal to 5, as I want it to appear after the user has viewed the 5 boxes. However this is not working. When I preview the slide/scene, everything runs as planned except the menu never appears.

I had a co-worker look it over and she did not find any obvious mistakes in the triggers or variable set up.

Any similar issues? Workarounds? Solutions? Things to try?




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