Variable issues

Sep 10, 2013


I have a course that uses variables to stop learners accessing the assessment content until hey have finished all modules by clicking the continue button at the end of each module which has said variable attached.

This all works fine. However on the module selection slide, once the learner clicks the button the button has a trigger to change the state to visited, in this case a large green tick appears over the button.

If the learner were to navigate back to this screen mid-module, they would see the green tick over the button and may believe that they have completed.

Therefore I tried altering the trigger to take into account the variable at the end of each module.

So therefore it would only turn green once this had actually been completed.

I don't know why. It just refuses to work. In the trigger viewing pain, the triggers are refusing in the cases of button 2 & 3 to even recognise the variable. Button 4 does... but does it's own thing.

Can anyone see where I have gone wrong?

Many thanks.

(am attempting to upload a test .story file for you)

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Tim.

I'm having some trouble reproducing the problematic behavior, as your .story project file seems to be behaving as you've described you'd like it to work.  Please take a look at the following Screenr:

Is there something I have misunderstood?  What is the best way to reproduce the problematic behavior?  Thanks!

Tim Naylor

Thank you all, it's working all fine, I would never have figured that one out on my own.. I never considered that the 'visited' state would work differently to what I wanted.

 It threw up one or two more issues when I resolved it to do with other triggers that relied on 'resume saved state' etc, but easily put right by including the variables in them.

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