Variable: Menu.SectionNumber

Maybe I missed it, but I could not find any clarification as to what this represents?   There are slides and there are scenes.  Where is the "section" coming from?   As far as I can tell, the number only increments on standalone scenes. example: If I have 4 linear scenes, this variable will return 1 through 4 respectively. however if I have a scene (parent)that branches to other scenes (children) using buttons, those "children" scenes will all return 1 in the variable.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ian!

I love the resource one of our community members made which is a document describing the purpose of each Built-In variable. Here's the link!

The Menu.SectionNumber refers to the section of the player menu. For example, by default the Menu.SectionNumber for the slides in the first scene is 1. The slides in the second scene are 2 and so on.