Variable + normal states


I have a main slide with 15 buttons linking to other slides. Each button goes to 1 slide and then goes back to the main slide. There is no order for the buttons to be visited / clicked.

I want the student to have to click on each button before being able to press next. 

What I've done so far :

- Each button adds +1 to a variable

- Next button appears when variable reach 15. So when the user comes back to the main slide after visiting his last slide, he can press next and carry on. 

Each button has a normal and visited states for each button.  The triggers are set up to add +1 when user clics IF the button's state is "normal". So technically, if someone clicks on the same button twice, the variable should not change. The student then have to click on each of the 15 buttons to be able to press next.

My problem is : it doesn't work. I can click twice on the same button and the variable will go + 1 each time.


Am I missing something ?

Thanks !



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Pascaline Etter

Thank you so much ! I think the problem comes from the language settings (I use Storyline in French).

I downloaded your example, everything works. Then I checked the triggers details and noticed the state would not appear in the condition window, because mine are in French. So I selected the French equivalent "visité" ... and it doesn't work anymore.

All the buttons that still have the English condition work. The one with the French condition doesn't.  

I tried to reset the states in English manually in my file, it doesn't work. Not sure what to do from here but at least I know where it comes from. 

Walt Hamilton

The French version is known to have problems with state names, especially visited. Even in English, the built-in states (liked Visited) occasionally think they are normal, especially if you are using "in not = normal" as a condition.

Russell's method is the only way to be absolutely certain it will work.