Variable not adjusting State on different slide

Aug 10, 2015

Hello,  I'm working on a course and having trouble with the state adjusting based off a true/false variable used on a different slide.

Basically what I need is after a quiz has been completed, on the passing slide layer I created a variable that changes a variable from False to True.  On another scene, I created a trigger that says if that variable changes to true, change the state of an image to the new state I created.  For some reason it's not working.

The variable

This is the variable.

This is on the passed slide changing the variable to true.

This is on a new scene trying to use the variable to adjust the state, but it never changes.

Any thoughts?

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Michael Hinze

The trigger on the passed slide won't work, because the 'When variable changes' option is limited to the slide where the change actually happens (in your case that is the slide layer of the slide being displayed after the quiz is completed). Change the 'When variable changes'  to 'When timeline starts' and make sure the slide properties are set to 'Reset to Initial state'.

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