variable not changing from true to false

I set up a text box with a check box to turn something in my course off.  that check box needed to be accessed from anywhere in my course so i added the check box to my master template as a layer.

problem is when using my course, i check the text box and the variable doesn't change from true to false.  if i move the check box to a slide and try it again, the check box changes the variable from true to false.  so i know my triggers/settings are right.   

can storyline not change a variable from a master slide?  does it have to be "local" to that slide?  very frustrating if that's true because i'll have to add my check box as a layer to every slide!  please help!

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Randy Richardson

This is the trigger seems to only work on a slide, not on a slide master.  ETA: the trigger below works at a slide level but not at a master level.  see my next post on this thread for more details about what work around i used to make this work at a master level.

Below is a screen capture of my  text box i want to access from anywhere in the course.  and that's why i put it in the slide master.  the trigger above is the trigger for this master slide layer.

below is a preview of a slide in my course.  as you can see the master slide text box shows up.  i click the check box and click ok but the variable stays true.  if i cut and past my text box along with the triggers from the master slide directly to the slide below it works fine, the variable changes.  when the text box is used in a master slide the variable doesn't change. PLEASE NOTE: the words "true" are just for troubleshooting purposes.

Randy Richardson

below is what i came up with as a work around.  the trigger above in my previous post only works in a slide.  the setup below is what i had to do for the same outcome when used on a master slide.

got it working but took me forever!  storyline liked when i used only click methods on the master slide to change my True/False flag even though my trigger shown above worked on a slide.  the same trigger didn't work when used on a master slide. 

to overcome this on the master slide, i set an increment counter to the clicking method on the check box.  (the increment counter started at 0 and goes to 8 before it resets.)  in the master layer trigger i used this increment counter to set my true false variable depending on whether it was an odd or even number.  that's the only way i could get my True/False flag to change back and forth.