Variable not triggering state change

I've built a branched interaction where by at the end the learner is (supposed to be) shown the route they have taken. 

To trigger this, i have used number variables,conditions and states. The button clicked determines a value and  then the value then should determine the state change of a particular state on a later slide. 

However, It's not doing that. The variable is working as i'm checking using %----% but it will not change the state. (I've also moved the variables to the top of the trigger panel)

Anyone any ideas where i'm going wrong?

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Daphne Dansby

Holly!  I have been looking at my course for about 2 days off and on trying to figure out why it wasn't working properly.  I found this thread this morning.  I saw your response and changed my trigger order.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It worked.  I was ready to throw my computer away!

Thanks for sharing!

Alexandria Slough

I am having a similar issue as above. I have tried all of the suggestions and still can't get it to work. I have a menu where the state of the object is to change to "completed" when the variable of the modules the menu item leads to is at "true".

I have attached a version of my document with the information taken out. Please advise. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Yes, the trigger has to have a "When" associated with it. The "When" can be when the value of Variable X changes, but keep in mind that will need to occur on the slide where you're also changing the state of the object. 

If you need help figuring out another method, feel free to share your .story file here for folks in the Community to take a look at! 

Tim Anderson


Thanks for getting back to me.

I think the issue was occurring because I was trying to change the state of an object on another slide. 

Essentially - I have a number of courses on separate slides - with a parent slide acting as a menu to each course.

Was hoping to use a variable to change the state of the course titles to a 'complete state' (on the parent slide) - only when when a user actually completes a course.

I know there is a 'Visited' state - but that doesn't really help indicate if a user only partially completes a course.

Kind regards,



Tim Anderson

Hi Guys, 

I think I have cracked it - the order of triggers in this scenario is important.

I had 2 triggers on the same button

Trigger 1-  Jump to a Slide

Trigger 2 - Adjust a Variable

It seems the variable was not being adjusted, I am guessing the variable was not being adjusted because Storyline had already jumped to another slide.

I deleted and re-applied the triggers in reverse order, and it seems to work as expected now!




Lokesh Setiyar

Hi Guys,

I too had the same issue as I was trying to assess the learner's performance on the storyline course, by checking there responses over the customized quizzes. I applied variables and triggers on the radio button and custom button of the quizzes and assigned the state change based on the responses, which I need to reveal it towards the end of course. I badly struggled with this, and I was on the verge of despair. 

But a big fat thanks to you guys, I followed this thread, each and every conversation precisely. I am happy that I resolved my issue. Thank you! 😇

Learnings are everywhere! 😊

Dave Cox

Hi Howard, 

You can share your file by clicking add attachment at the bottom of this text box, and then selecting your .story file from your system. Then someone can look at it for you.

Somethings to remember that may help.

Objects positioned on a slide will always start at their default condition as built on the slide. You can change that condition when the slide starts by selecting a trigger that uses "When timeline starts" This also holds true for objects on layers, and the states of objects on the slide.

Variables persist across the project. This allows you to set a variable on one slide, and then use that value to set something on another slide. You can cause an action based on a variable updating, but only on the current slide. If the object needs to change on another slide, you will want to set that object when the slide starts.

If you have multiple slides that need to respond to the condition of a variable, then you need to set a trigger for those objects on every slide where they appear.

Hopefully this information will help you to understand how slides and variable interact. Please feel free to upload your project, and I'm sure someone will troubleshoot it for you.