Variable problem and LMS question

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I am trying to implement a four stage assessment test where the result gest transferred to an LMS system. I have put on the end of each stage an result page so had if the student passes he can go on to the next level and if he fails he would be redirected to the final (separate scene) result page which would use to transfer the result info to the LMS system

I am trying to implement on the final result page different layers according to the level the student achieved / got stucked

The trigger I use (result page from the end of each scene ie. Level A1) to get to the final result page is if the student fails is :

This is what I think I need to send.  The info from this scene to the result information to final result page for LMS

This is what should trigger the layer on the final result page (A1L = False)

On the final result page I have the following setup:

I think for LMS

To trigger the layer for level A1

What am I doing wrong in terms of the variable trigger a layer?

Does this method even work to get a LMS result of each separate level at which the student got stuck

Any help would be appreciated


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R Jordan

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your help.  It was a trigger order issue.  I have another question regarding SCROM .  It looks like it is not reporting.  Do I need to do something specific since the results page is sent from each scene:

to the final result which is used for the LMS reporting.  I have created a layer for each assessment level in the final result page.  This works fine but it is not reporting

and I want to make sure that on the storyline side I have everything set up correctly before I start looking into the moodle side of it.