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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Peter,

So whatever the user enters in that "First name" box should be associated with the "name" variable - and therefore once they've entered something and the variable is set - typically with a trigger that says "Adjust variable "Name" when the control loses focus on text entry 1" if they go to that next slide where the reference is - it should show the name the user entered.  If this is not working, I'd look to make sure that the trigger to set the variable matches the one you're referencing, that the trigger to set the variable is occurring before other triggers such as jump to slide or show layer. If this is not happening on your file, it's hard to say why without taking a look at it, could you share those slides here? 

Peter Vajda

GREAT, Leslie!

this is where I've been stuck, what to do on the
second slide, insert text box and then insert
reference within text box. When I tried to insert the reference first it was greyed out.

I never got any of
this from the tutorials I've read. Too left-brained. ::-)
works like a charm now, thanks so much.


Peter Vajda

so, continuing with references, I want to use this function on the same slide. When I drag the food  to the hot spot, I want the # of calories to show. There is no text entry; it's there already. It's not working; the # of calories already appears before I drag the item. I know I'm off but I don't know where or why.

I also don't understand why my attached files sometimes are not attached.

here's what I'm attaching. The *.story file. Is that correct. let's see if it comes through.

Thank you.