Variable references not moving to new line (A360)


I'm trying to get my variable references to appear the way they are written by the user. Presently, they are not moving to a new line when a user presses enter. Example below.

(What it needs to look like)

DJ Vijay Singh

(What it actually looks like)

DJ Vijay Singh 555-303-3030


Thank you Articulate community. You are probably the best example of customer service and satisfaction I've ever come across.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Casey,

The enter key should advance the user to the next line inside a data entry field if there is enough space to accommodate it, and if not it'll submit the data entry. I did test this out in your file on preview and that works while I'm entering text. As for how it'll display, there isn't a way to capture the enter as a part of displaying the variable after the fact in the reference.