Variable should show a layer but instead jumping to a slide

Okay, folks smarter than I..


I've got a bunch of variables built into this main menu so that if somebody tries to jump ahead and view a box for Chapter 3 before they've completed Chapter 2, they get a layer saying "oops, you have to read all chapters before moving to the next" type of thing. It's working great except for one particular box and I can't figure out why.


Chapter 5 is not working. The completed variable for chapter 4 is "5_Ch4Done" and it's false, which means it should show the "oops, you can't jump ahead" layer. However, it's taking me to the chapter instead and when I complete the chapter and return to the main menu, then I get the "oops" layer. I don't understand what's going on! Part of me thinks the order of my triggers are screwed up but I don't believe they are since the other chapters are working.

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