Variable Text Font Reverts to Times

Hi everyone,

I am just publishing a module where I have used variable text - (learners input their name and then it is used throughout). 

When I publish I have noticed a consistent error - whenever there is variable text the font changes from Articulate (which I set as the theme font) to Times.  Happens in every instance.  My client hates Times, and I am not too far behind her.

Anything I am doing wrong?



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Steve Blane

Storyline doesn't embed fonts?? That seems like a (major) oversight.  A real pain for what I had planned.  Funny thing, and I know this isn't core, but when I view on my Mac most of the text displays fine (with Articulate font) - except for the variable (which is why I thought it was a publish issue).  

When I viewed in IE in Parallels, everything displayed fine.

I should go, I have A LOT of reformatting to do. :(

Peter Brown

Hi Group

Just to get this straight in my mind, do I interpret this as the default font that Articulate uses (I.e. Articulate) probably won't work (or at least only work partially) on end-user computers?

After reading this post I checked the story I've been experimenting with on a wider range of computers. Sure enough, on an older XP PC with IE 8 the text boxes are in Times and on newer PCs I've experimented with to date have a sans serif thing going on.

It seems to be only on the text boxes which have a variable in them don't adopt the Articulate font. Presumably behind the scenes it'd be like in Flash where you have a dynamic or static text box. In Storyline it seems that the 'static' text boxes adopt the Articulate font OK, but the 'dynamic' ones (that change as the variable value changes) don't.

If this is so, does this mean that best practice would be to scrap the default font (Articulate) entirely and set a custom theme using a less contentious, web-friendly font as soon as Articulate is installed (and probably define project-specific themes which avoid the Articulate font)?

If this is all correct, then as Steve wrote, it's a bit of an oversight, and a trap for the unwary.

Thanks for any confirmation or clarification that may come. I just want to make sure I'm interpreting this correctly and determine what a best practice strategy would be before committing to any big projects.


Mark Kizilos

I am experiencing this problem and wondering if it is a bug or if I am doing something wrong:

1. I am using only the Articulate font 

2. The file looks great on the iPad using the mobile player, and on the pc using firefox or chrome.

3. But Every variable that is displayed in a text box reverts to a font that looks like time new roman when the story file is viewed in internet explorer on the pc or in safari on the mac (running OS 10.6 Lion, I believe).

Am I better off using some font other than Articulate?  I explicitly tried to avoid issues by using the Articulate font because I thought it was embedded.

Any help would be appreciated.

Alicia Serrioz

I'm experiencing the same issue but it's not just for the variable items. It's also on all of the incorrect feedback layers (even though I changed it on the feedback master) but NOT on the correct feedback layers and in *some regular textboxes on normal slides.

Guess I'm stuck with Arial? (It's our only approved style web safe font)

Mark Marino


I just ran into this issue when I was viewing my course over someone's shoulder on their machine.  I have a custom font used extensively through the course and it is embedded fine for all the static text in the course, but I have a text field using a variable to display instructional text dynamically, and it's showing that horrible looking serif font instead of my custom font.  Is there any work-around for this? 

Steve Blane

@Mark, I haven't found a workaround for it yet.  My interpretation is that SL can't imbed the font during publish because there content (variable) isn't inserted until after publish, so it has to be a web-safe font.   

I have started using websafe for my variables and giving that screen or section of the screen a unique look from the rest of the fonts.

Paul Zamora

Actually not having the font style is not the issue. I have the same issue when I used Font/variable substitution. 

I am using a standard Myriad Pro Font in the variable value.  However, when published it renders it as New Times Roman.  I have Myriad Pro as a header font in the course in normal text blocks and it renders just fine.  It's only when used in variables that it does not render correctly. 

So in future courses manual will have to be the way. 

Anna Howell

Hi I have just come up against this issue when designing a module for my company to access externally. As part of our branding we have to use a specific company font. The font shows fine within the main body of content. However defaults to times within my variables when I view it on other devices. Is there a way around this without changing the fonts?