Variable Text Font Reverts to Times

Hi everyone,

I am just publishing a module where I have used variable text - (learners input their name and then it is used throughout). 

When I publish I have noticed a consistent error - whenever there is variable text the font changes from Articulate (which I set as the theme font) to Times.  Happens in every instance.  My client hates Times, and I am not too far behind her.

Anything I am doing wrong?



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Michael Bellis

Hiya, just to share on this. In order to see my font for variables, in this case Dax-regular, I changed the player.css, lines 12, 13, 15 to commented out so they don't inherit font-weight, font-style, font-family. I don't know if all 3 were really necessary I could have probably done the same with just font-family, but it 'appears' to work for me. I also changed line starting 476, added a margin as you can see below, to correct the indent seen in the HTML5 version, doesn't affect Flash version. In SL2 itself I made the variable box have no internal margin (0px). Hope it helps someone, have not yet tested on other machines.

overflow-wrap: break-word;
margin-left: -10px;

Sjoerd de Vries

it seems we have this issue now as well. We use our own branded font and I assumed it was embedded. Having a workaround is nice, but since the discussion is 4 years old, I can't imagine that this is not solved in the application. Can you clarify this?

We use the variables to put in closed captions. These are displayed on screen as text.

Dominik Ginthier

Hello everyone,

Currently I am facing the same "issue". If it is not possible to easily embed the font within the module, can I then change the fall back font? In our case the fall back font is Times New Roman and I would like to change it to Arial which is closer to the font we use in our eLearning modules. I am not sure if it can be changed within Storyline. I haven't found anything. Maybe it is a computer setting?

Thanks for your help.



Ruben Ridderbos

Hi there,

Experiencing the same problem. Fonts applied to variable references in my published Articulate Storyline 2 output aren't the fonts I expected. I read that fonts can't be embedded in published output for variable text. And as a result, default system fonts will be substituted for variable text.  Is there already a work around this?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruben!

There is not an update at this time.

You may find that fonts applied to variable references in your published Articulate Storyline 2 output aren't the fonts you expected.

Fonts can't be embedded in published output for variable text. As a result, default system fonts will be substituted for variable text. Default system fonts may be different for each computer, tablet, or smartphone where your content is viewed.

David Arndt

The font issue can be fixed fairly easily in the HTML5 output, since the variable text fields are real html, not rendered on a canvas like normal text in SL

Just embed the font as for any webpage (generate from fontsquirrel for example)  and add the following code to the player.css

textarea, textformat {
font-family: 'YourFont', sans-serif;
font-weight: bold;

The annoying part is that this of course doesn't work for the Flash output.

Hope that helps a bit at least.