Variable text turns gray when printing

Hi everyone,

I'm using window.print(); javascript on a final screen. When the print dialogue comes up, the variables are displayed as gray text in the print preview even though they're white on the original screen. They print as gray, too.

Does anyone know what might be causing this or what can be done to avoid it?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ashley!

I'm happy to help see why the variable is gray when printing using the window.print() code!

It sounds like you're only seeing this in the Print pop up, and not in the browser display. Have you looked at the Printing color settings? Could they possibly be set to grayscale or something similar?

Also, have you tried printing from a different browser? For example, if you're using Internet Explorer then try using Chrome to see if it causes the same outcome.

Please keep us updated so we can find this fix! If you prefer sharing your file with us for further testing, feel free to either attach the .story file to this discussion using the Add Attachment button or you can use this secure upload link. Either way, we'll take a look and share our findings!