Variable to determine whether quiz has been taken

So, my elearning takes the learner through a path by navigational Chevron buttons - though layers and then slides. I would like to have a chevron lightbox a quick quiz, the lightbox close when the continue button is clicked (on the layer that gives feedback) and pop the learner right back onto that same page. But THIS time when they click the chevron, it takes them to the next slide. 

I was able to get this to work once by using a true/false variable on that last quiz slide. But for the life of me, I can't replicate it. Not even when I copy that particular layer. 

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

On the layer =

Change state of Chevron Quiz - Chevron to HIDE ME When Yesandno changes
If Yes andno is equal to false


On the quiz = 

Set yesandno equa to false when user clicks the submit button


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Jaime McCall

Thanks for the suggestion - It's such a work-in-progress messy file I didn't want to subject anyone to it unnecessarily. :)

You can see what I'm talking about on slide 1.5 (DWS) as you click through the layers (by clicking the right chevron). The Chevron on the Third Party Integration Layer light boxes the quizzes. When the quizzes are done, the light box closes and I'd like the chevron now showing (because the top chevron would be hidden) takes the learner to the next layer.

Or, honestly, if closing that light box could take someone to that next layer. As far as I know, you can only jump to a slide - not a particular layer on a slide.

Anyway - any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much ahead of time!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jaime -- Thanks for sharing your file, and I'll need to defer to the community to stop in and share any additional ideas they may have to accomplish what you have in mind. Perhaps you might want to read through the discussion here, and you would also be welcome to post over in our design forum, as well. 

Walt Hamilton


Add these two triggers to the Chevron on the Third Party Integrations layer:

I think it would work better to close the lightbox without jumping to a slide. Since a lightbox is just an overlay, when you close it, you are back where you were:



FYI: This trigger won't work, because that variable is changed on another slide (the lightboxed one), so this slide is not aware of the change:


You will need to find an action for the "When" part that takes place on this slide.