Variable to prevent layer selection until audio completes

Hi everyone!

I have a slide in a course I am building and this slide has a base layer and then five layers that are selected by clicking on a corresponding object in the base layer.  It is actually from a nifty template I downloaded from this site.

I have audio on the base layer and on each of the layers that are selectable.  I want to make it so once they land on the page from the previous page, the base layer audio starts and they cannot select the next layer until the base layer audio completes. Then I want to make it so that they can't the second layer until the first layer's audio completes, and so on down the line.  Then, I want to make sure they cannot use the "Next" button to advance until the audio on Layer 5 has completed.

I can't seem to get the variables right for this. I have attached the .story file and would appreciate suggestions!


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Michael Hinze

Bruce-Alan Barnard said:

That's exactly what I was trying to accomplish ... thank you Michael!

I guess I was on the right track with the variables, but I didn't set them to false when the timeline started.

I really appreciate the help ... and the lesson!

Hi Bruce, good to hear that this works for you. And yes, any variables you use on a slide need to be reset if you truly want to 'restart' a slide, even if you set the slide properties to 'Reset to initial state' (this only applies to button states, etc.).