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Donna Keeley

I'm having the same issue with a T/F variable to put a checkmark on the module menu when a module is complete. I have the CompleteMod1 variable default as False then I want to change it to True when the user clicks a button to return to the menu. The first trigger on the menu slide checks to see if the variable is True and to show the checkmark layer.

Should be simple but it refuses to show the layer. I have made triggers to change the variable to True in the following places (not all at once): the hotspot, the layer, and the end of module return button. None of these have worked.

I've also reviewed the layer settings to make sure it isn't hidden.

Brian Allen
Donna Keeley

I'm old, and I don't remember having this much trouble on simple tasks using Authorware. 

Ah, the old authorware days. Don't hear that name tossed around too much anymore.

I agree it shouldn't be that difficult, and I know you have it worked out now (kind of) by using a hotspot, but if you'd like to upload a sample with the button that wasn't working I wouldn't mind taking a look at it. At the very least it would be nice to know what's going on next time you need to do something similar with a button...

Donna Keeley

Hi Brian.

I was originally using a Hotspot and not a button. When I replaced the
Hotspot with a button it worked fine. But I feel that the variable should
still work even with a hotspot. Weird.

I miss Authorware terribly and IMO there never has been a suitable
replacement. But I lost 10 years of working while caring for my autistic
son so I'm kind of behind on what's being used these days. I know about
Captivate and Camtista; someone mentioned QuestionMark which I need to
check out.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 😊

Brian Allen

Sorry for getting it flipped, but my offer remains the same... if you'd like to upload and share a sample with the hotspot not working I'd be more than happy to dig in and see if I could help you figure out what the problem is.

I agree with you, the variable should still work with a hotspot.