Variable/Trigger: At least 3 out of 10 -- Best way to 'program' it?

May 18, 2016

Hi all - I'm hoping to pick your collective brains and brilliance. We're trying to figure out more ways to integrate interactive learning activities and non-linear interactivity & choice throughout a course. And we had this idea but aren't entirely sure how to make it happen -- or if it's possible:

Main Interaction Slide has 5 "areas" (like 'islands' or 'subject matters') that the use can explore. They need to explore AT LEAST three of them before a button becomes available to move on to the quiz. They can explore all of them if they choose but need to explore at least three of them before moving on. And we don't care which three they choose.

How would you / Can you set the variables and triggers to make this happen?

IF it's not currently possible in SL2, is this something that might be possible in SL3?

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