Variable/Trigger Help Please - File Included

I am creating a compliance course that starts with a "Deal of No Deal" style intro quiz.  I can get everything to work except for one thing:

On my opening slide I have a Directions text box with the state Select Another.  The Select Another state should appear when any of the cases are selected and the subsequent quiz question is answered.  After all the cases have been selected, the Directions text box disappears and a Continue button appears. 

Problem:  I can't get the Directions text box to change state.  I know I need some sort of OR condition (i.e.state changes from Normal to Select Another when case 1 or case 2 or case 3 or case 4 state changes to Vanish).  However, I can't find a way to add the OR condition...I can only add an AND condition.  As a result the state of Directions stays normal until it disappears after all the cases have been selected.

This can probably be done with triggers or variables, but I just can't find the OR condition.  A sample file is attached for you to play with...please repost when you figure out the solution...THANKS!

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Phil Mayor

Hi Jonathan

I have changed one of your triggers based on the case variables, I may have borken something else because I was really unsure what some of your variables were doing.  The OR condition is at the very top either AND or OR.  I also changed it on timeline start instead of on variable change because it does not change on that slide so will never fire

this works, but you will need to change it to hidden when all = true


David Anderson

Hi Jonathan - Cool idea with the Bribe/No Bribe!

Couple things I changed to get things working:

  • Set the slide properties to resume saved state
  • Updated your Change state of Directions trigger to evaluate state changes for Case 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Updated state change of Directions from evaluating ChoseCases variable to evaluating state changes of Case 1, 2, 3 and 4

See if this works for you.

Paul Vorrasi

I think I have a similar issue. On slide 1.3 scenarios (yes I know there are typo’s) I am trying to setup a group of variables to the one button. I have 3 groups of buttons and based on the chosen button combination I want to display a 2 layers with the correct way forward.

Eg if someone was using a LYNC client to connect to someone else using a LYNC client for video conferencing and they want to share content they would select LYNC for themselves and LYNC for the other party and the resulting layers would tell them where to read about using the LYNC client and how to make a LYNC to LYNC call. Basically I am trying to take a very large table of options and boil it down to the one easy to use page.

I don’t even know if storyline can do this (I really hop it can), I am a n0ob to this software and have only been playing with it for a few days on and off. I am looking to make it part of a fleet of software for making our share point stuff “more intresting”

thanks for any help and pointers you can give.

Greg Damron

Hi Paul,

Welcome and you are off to a good start! Just looking at it quickly, it seems you do have a few choices on that slide - starting with a 5x5 matrix for device combinations, then each combination having a possibility of 4 different content sharing conditions. If you switch your trigger condition to "when equal to selected" instead of "when equal to down", I think that will get the first layer you have set up to fire the way you would like. Good luck with your project. I'm sure some others on the board will have pointers for you too. No reason you shouldn't be able to do it in Storyline. I think Phil Mayor has become famous for the number of triggers he included in his Periodic Table project!

Phil Mayor

Greg is right you should be able to do it.  Comfortably you can get 7000+ triggers on one slide without it slowing down, with about 30-40 layers on that same slide.

If you go with Greg's solution check that any buttnos are grouped into button sets so only one can be selected, not looked at the file (I dont have storyline on this machine) so I could be talking nonsense

Not sure about famous though

Jonathan Workman

David/Phil -

This is exactly what I needed...thanks so much!  I had acually created both of the triggers you suggested at one time or another and then deleted them when they didn't work for me.  The reason they didn't work is because I didn't have my slide properties set to "Resume saved state."  Hade I done this, it would have worked.  But now I've learned something new thanks to the community and the staff at Articulate.

I feel a "Part 2" to this question may be coming soon.  I use this quiz as a pre-test and revisit the same test later in the training.  I want a single results slide that will show the individual question responses from Quiz 1, the individual question responses from Quiz 2 and then the correct answer below that in kind of a table format.  I'll just have to figure out which variables relate to which individual questions and if two quizzes can share the same results slide.  I guess I know what I'm playing with this morning!

Phil Mayor

Hi Jonathan

If you are showing individual question responses you will need to create variables for each of these, I would create my quiz and duplicate it.  Add a results slide for each quiz (pre and post).  This will give you the score and percentage as variables.

I would then build my comparison slide, using the result slide variables and my custom question variables.

You will need a variable for each of the pre and post test variables

Its a reasonable amount of work, but it will work