Variable Trigger Issues

I have a button that needs to remain hidden until two problems out of 8 have been solved correctly.  I currently have a variable for the total completion.  I have the answer, when correct, add .5 to the completion variable, hoping that two would equal 1 and the button will appear.  It works if I get two correct, and it works if I get any or all of them incorrect, ie the button doesn't appear.  The problem is that once I have one correct, no matter what I get next the button still appears.  So It should be if I get two right it will appear, and if I get 1 right the button will not appear until another one is correct.  But even if the ext one is incorrect the button still appears.  Any thoughts on this?

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Wes Escalante

I was actually able to figure it out. It was that a variable was being added everything the user returned to the module screen once it was activated.  Instead I had the variable be added on the completion screen of the module and it has to be set to the original value, so even if they return it will not activate again.  There may be a better way, but it is working now!