Variable/Trigger Problem

Greetings. I have a tools menu that starts off invisible. When a user clicks the tools menu icon, it appears and the user can access a glossary or print the screen. It works fine most places. However, I have a little modified sim that I use. If the user clicks outside of the hotspot, the Wrong Click layer appears with instructions. Well, the tools menu is outside of the hotspot, so it triggers the Wrong Click layer. I created a variable called ToolsMenu with an initial state of False. Then I created a trigger that says if the user clicks outside of the hotspot and the ToolsMenu variable is True, display Wrong Click layer. Clicking the tools menu once sets it to True. However, when I click the tools menu icon, the Wrong Click layer is still displayed and the menu is half obscured (see screenshot below) and the hotspots on it are not active. I tried adding a trigger on the Wrong Click layer that says if the ToolsMenu variable = false, set the menu to normal (invisible). However, it still displays half obscured. I have the layer set to hide objects on the base layer as well. Anyone have an idea of how I fix this? Thanks!

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James Snider

Update - I got it to not display when the menu icon is clicked, but if the menu is displayed when the Wrong Click layer is displayed, the menu stays partially visible. It's not resetting. The first trigger on the Wrong Click layer is to set the ToolsMenu trigger to False. The second trigger saiys if ToolsMenu is False, then set the menu to Normal (invisible), which it's not doing.