Variable usage for audio vs. reading for slide advancement


I am trying to create a course that allows the user to either listen to the course and have the slides advance automatically or select to mute the course and advance slides by user allowing them access to the notes panel and the slides.  Does anyone know how to get this completed?

Thanks for any ideas!

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Mike Enders

Hi Melanie,

And welcome to Heroes!

You can accomplish this by using a simple True/False variable and adding some triggers to each slide to evaluate the variable and then play the audio based upon whether the variable is True or False.

Step 1:  Create a True/False Variable.  

Step 2: At the beginning of the course, have the user choose audio or no audio.  You can simply use two buttons.  Set these buttons to trigger an adjustment of the true false variable. 

Step 3: On each slide, you will create a player level trigger to play the audio if the variable is true.  A second trigger is to jump to the next slide once the media (the audio) has completed.

I've attached a sample for you the look at.