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May 13, 2016

Hi All!

I have four objects on a screen and you must finish one object before you're allowed into a subsequent object. (I.e., You must go through the red button slides before you can go into the blue button slides.) I have a character set to change his expression when you mouse over what you're supposed to click on to help our non-computer saavy users to know they're getting warm, so to speak. It's working perfectly!

My frustration lies in this - while he's smiling when you hover over the area you should go into next, he's ALSO smiling when you hover over the areas you've already been allowed to visit and have visited. I.e., you finish Red and move onto Yellow, he should only smile when you hover over yellow and not while you hover over red or yellow.

Here's my variable...where redgroup is a variable for tracking if all red slides have been viewed, yellowdone is a variable tracking if yellow slides have been viewed, and red group acts like a hotspot for the area around the red button. A trigger on redgroup - change state of character (blah blah) to talking when the user hovers mouse over YellowDone is equal to false.

But the little guy still 'talks' when you've finished red and should move onto yellow but hover over red.


Am I missing something? I'm a total storyline rookie!

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Richard Hill

There are other solutions to this, but here's mine.  Place transparent boxes over your completed buttons, which are hidden at start.  Once visited unhide them.  They will stop the after hover effect.  Hope this helps.  

1.(you can make a box transparent by right clicking on it and choose format - set the transparency slider to 100%)  

2. you make the box hidden by selecting  'States' above the timeline, choose intiial state pulldown to hidden

3. place a trigger somewhere which starts with change state of ( box1...) to Normal - to unhide it.

Macy Frost

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!!! But I actually have something else happening when the user hovers over the red box after completing the red box/before moving onto the yellow box (and subsequently for each color thereafter) and I'd hate to lose that.. therefore I'm hoping there's another solution you can think of? I'd like to keep what I have going on during those completed hovers while finding a way for the happy guy to stop talking. Thoughts?? thanks again!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Gloria -- Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! Perhaps it would be most helpful if you were able to upload your .story file if you already have one started. All you'd need to do is use the grey ADD ATTACHMENTS button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can browse from there! 

And more generally, as you mentioned you are new to using SL2, I thought perhaps you might want to check out the following resources:

Hope that helps! :)

Walt Hamilton

Leslie's trigger will permit him to change state only if red has NOT been visited.  The next step is to use this trigger on yellow, which will allow him to change state only if red HAS been visited and no OTHERS have NOT been:

Change state of character to talking when mouse hovers over yellow if reddone is true and yellowdone is false and greendone is false and bluedone is false. This causes him to smile only if red has been visited, and none of the others have.

Then adjust appropriately for blue and green.

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