Variable working in preview but not published version

Hoping someone can assist me. I am creating a course with a number of variables throughout. Everything is fine when I preview the course however when I publish to Review 360 not all the slides work as intended. The first few slides work fine in the published version and then they stop working about half way through. 

I've attached a section of the course I am creating. Hoping someone can find where I have made a mistake. 



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Phil Mayor

I had a quick look as you are using the same variable to manage everything I think you have a problem with the conditions. I added a reference and the variable value I had on 1.7 was 5 which doesn't match with any of the conditions.

I would suggest adding a trigger on each slide to set the initial value of stateChange

Adjust variable stateChange to 1 when timeline starts

This way you can manage each slide as a separate entity instead of relying on the value carried over from the previous slide.