Hi there,

i got some variable problems.

I want to create this case:

There is a text entry A, the button B, the layer C and the slide D.

  • If the user type nothing in the text variable A and klicks the button B the layer C should be shown.
  • If the user type something (all the same) in the text variable A and klicks the button B, it should be jumped to the next slide D

I have tried unsuccessfully.

Thanks for your help!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Manfred,

I've attached a quick and dirty story that does what I think you're asking. The "trick" is to use 2 triggers on the button

  • One trigger shows the layer if the text box is blank (TextEntry==Equal to (ignore case)
  • The other trigger shows the next slide if the text box isn't blank (TextEntry!= Not equal to (ignore case)

If you have questions, please do post them.

Garth Yorko

I have two triggers on Button B

The first is Shows Layer C when the user clicks the button.  Then I added a condition to the trigger.  The condition is if the textentry variable is Equal to  Value (blank).  I just left the Value field unpopulated.

The second roughly mirrors the first trigger.

Show Slide D when the user click the button.  With the condition that the Textentry variable is NOT Equal to blank.

That seems to work.

See attched file.