Hi, i am having issues with showing a progress state in a lightbox slide. The variable is working correctly in tracking when slides are visited but when i set the trigger to change state of the symbol in the lighbox slide, which I'm using as a dashboard from the player it wont change state even thou the variable is showing a value that would trigger the change. 

Yet when i set two buttons in the slide to adjust the variable the state change trigger works as planned, with the button showing the different states when the values are correct.

Can anybody offer any guidance on what i am doing wrong?

many thanks john.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi John,

Happy to jump in to help! 

May I ask if you would be able to share your file? This would help out greatly to better troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing. 

If you can share your file with us, you can share files in this thread or you’re always welcome to share them privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!