I am looking for more information on variables.  The tutorials that I found here: (including the ones that it links to) just tell you what to enter into the trigger wizard without explaining why or what all the options control. Do you have a tutorial or screenr that explains all the trigger wizard options for variables?

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Hanna Blagin

Hello members of the team,

Hope you can help me with the variables. 

I used one of the storyline templates that are available for download.

I'm trying to change the text colors of the tabs names when the tab is selected.

to first 2 tabs names i added a different text color (selected state) - since the addition the hover action on the tab stop working.
it's no longer change tab color on mouse hover and not change tab color after clicking on the tab. It's only change the tab name color.

the rest 3 tabs - works perfectly - because i haven't added them the tab name color change...

i want to change the tab name text color after the tab were selected (were clicked) and preserve all the functionality that already exists.

How i do that?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hanna,

I played around with this myself, and was able to replicate what you're describing, but couldn't solve it after a number of attempts. Would you be able to submit this as a Support Case so that our team can take a further look? Please reference the template that you downloaded and from where so that they can work with the original too. 

rana elias


Im finding difficulties in using variables. In my course I have a slide (1) which has 5 layers, in the 4th layer I added a link that direct the user to different slide (2) which has 4 layers. when the user visit all the 4 layers in slide (2) i need him to be back to the 4th layer in slide (1). I have been advised to use variable. but not realy sure how to do that. can any one please tell me the steps of doing that.


rana elias

He Rebecca,

Appreciate your attempt to help.

Attached is 4 slides of my course. what I need is:

in slide 1.3, layer "My video" when the user click on the "Play list" marker he will find a link that will direct him to slide 1.4. slide 1.4 has a 5 layers which the user has to visit them all and once he get to the last layer "step 5" , he should click on a button named "Exit"  which should take him back to he left which is layer "My Video" in step 1.3 and not to the main layer of the slide.

Hope I expalined it well.

Appreciate your help again.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rana,

Thanks for sharing your .story file here. I took a look at it, and didn't see any slides with layers, with the exception of the Results slide, did you possibly share the wrong version? 

Everything in this version previewed normally for me, and all the regular "jump to slide" options worked, and the videos played. 

There is some additional discussion in this thread, with an example and screenr from Mike on how to set up the layer revisiting. 

Rasha Essam

This link is really useful for knowing how to work with variables:

This page has a video too. 

The most important part is the %variable name %  (The value of the variable is thrown in this variable that is shown to the students)

This variable name when you just add it as text in any slide using the text box, it acts as a variable. However, you should have created a previous variable and give it a value. As a result you can add subtract, multiply or divide