Variables across scenes

Hi all!

First off, as semi-competent developer, I love all the functionality Storyline offers.

My problem seems to be carrying variables over across scenes.

I have a module where people can collect badges, and obviously I'd display them as normal if they've found them (e.g. the badgefound variable has been set to true)

But in later scenes, the badges are acting like the have not been found. Upon writing this it occurred to me I should display the variable on-screen to see if I can figure out if it's actually being changed.

For now I'll just leave this here in case someone else has already conquered a similar problem. 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Paul,

Whenever a variable is set or adjusted, the current value is available throughout the entire course, whichever scene you switch to. Unless you are doing something with triggers to reset it, there should be no reason why it changes to zero.

In the attached example, I have created three separate scenes and a variable called Counter. In each scene you can increment the variable by 5 each time you click on a button and can then jump to the next scene. You will see that the variable maintains the same value in the next scene and any additional increments you add will then show in any subsequent scene.