Variables and Animated Menu


I created an animated menu that was suppose to open/close as you click on the menu icon.  I wanted my learners to also have the flexibility to click on each menu option and jump to that scene.  Well, it's not working and the states I added for the menu options shows completed as the hover instead of the highlight.  I wanted to try something different because my business owners are tired of the menu in the player and want a flexible menu.  All suggestions are appreciated in from community!!!! The file attached is the draft .


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Jeff Forrer

I took a look, here is what you can do to fix these issues.

1.  Menu issue:  When on the "Show Menu" layer of the Slide Master, just make the hotspot hide the current layer when clicked, this will hide the menu.  You don't need the other layer that you have.

2. Menu function:  When you click an item it goes to that page, however when you land on the page, you have a graphic that is covering your menu button on each page.  You need to crop the graphic in an editing tool so that it does not cover your menu button. Since the button is on a Slide Master, it is on a lower layer, so anything on the slide it goes can't cover it. That is why it does not work again to open it.

3.  Menu button states:  These are not working correctly because you are setting each variable for completion, but setting their states to True initially when declaring them.  You need them to be False initially, then once they complete that section you can set the variable to True.

Let me know if you need further help.  Good luck.