Variables and COnditions for targeting top scores

Hi from Canada,

I created a self-assessment on our corporate leadership attributes. I was able to use variables to come up with scores on each of the 9 leadership attributes based on the learners' response to 37 statements. Now I want to be able to take those 9 scores and have Articulate identify the top 3 of the 9 scores, keeping in mind that some of the 9 scores may be identical. Is this do-able? Is it through conditions that I could make that happen? Am I too ambitious? 

I included my file as it stands - it's really squeletal at this point, but I just wanted to see if it would work. I also included my score cheat sheet if is helps to see how I get my scores mathematically speaking (If I can't upload both files in one post, I'll add it separately).

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