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I have a small issue - I had to create a custom slide where the user would only get feedback if a value entered in a text field is incorrect upon submission.  Otherwise the simulation would continue.  I created a hint layer that appears if the values entered in the text field are incorrect when the user hits the hotspot. 


My issue is that even when the user enters the correct info, the hint slide flashes before the simulation continues.  It should only appear if the value is incorrect. 

I have attached a video demonstrating the behavior as well as a screenshot of my triggers.  Please help.   

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Phil Mayor

Because you have an OR in your trigger one of those will always be valid.

Just move the jump trigger up above the show layer

Another option (a little more complicated) would be:

Create variable called "correct"

Set the following triggers:

Set correct to false

Set correct to true on condition textEntry15= 08042

Set correct to true on condition textEntry15= 08 042 

Show layer incorrect on condition correct = false

Jump to slide if correct = true